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FIDEALIS offers an online legal copyright system for creators of concepts, logos, websites, designs, written work, poems, books, etc.



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The certified filing system for creative work provided by Fidealis ensures a perfect protection of the dating of intellectual property rights. Businesses' rights can be defended using this system. Recognized by the courts, simple, efficient, and cost effective. The firm of CCK Lawyers and associates can only support Fidealis in their choice of methodology aimed at protecting creative work in real time.

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- Fast online copyrighting

- Judicially archived for 30 years

- Forgery-proof filing

- Legal proof of prior rights

- Real-time proof

- Secure archiving

- Accessible 24/7

- Immediate processing

- Dedicated contact person

- Online help

- On-demand legal service

- Assistance in litigation cases

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Since 2001, over 700,000 applications for creative work protection have been copyrighted

FIDEALIS® has to this day been the most used method in France and throughout UK, Europe, and lets you claim your rights in case of copyright infringements, prior rights, counterfeited products, plagiarism, unfair competition,free riding, etc. Thanks to our low cost, you can file for all your creative work, without having to worry as to which one of them will appear during online searches or otherwise, will prove popular, or be used far and wide. 

Our service allows you to use the fundamental rule of 3: 

Creation, filing, disclosure.

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